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Experimentally proven zootechnical formulations

Zootechnical Formulations
  • Phytomize creates complete herbal solutions against major issues in animal health using the synergy between the different plant extracts.

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Custom made formulation
  • Phytomize can produce botanical components based formulations for the key players in animal nutrition. Those special manufactures can be based on one or a multiplicity of plant extracts.

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Range of available formats
  • The formulations can be produced on different carriers depending on our partners request : liquid extract / soluble powder / non-soluble powder / coated product / ready-to-use solutions

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Phytomize strives to adapt to the requirements of its industrial partners by delivering them tailor-made solutions. Phytomize integrates the complete herbal extracts chain of production to deliver highly specific phytogenic solutions.

The assets of Phytomize, partner of the animal sector industries

Grower of plants' extracts
Custom-made botanical formulation
Large range of solutions & carriers
Made in France
  • Phytomize
  • Zone de la Basse Haye
  • 35220 Châteaubourg - France
  • Phone : +33 2 23 27 48 00