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Zootechnical Formulations

Phytomize produces plant extracts nucleus targeting the main issues in animal nutrition and health:

Non-comprehensive list of solutions :

  • Heat Stress Management
  • Coccidia Management 
  • Bacteria Management 
  • ROS Management
  • Liver Health
  • Protein absorption 
  • Protein digestibility
  • Respiratory Capacity
  • Gastric Comfort
  • External Parasitism
  • Mycotoxin Antagonist
  • Appetite Booster
  • Management of stress behavior

Please address us a direct request to know more about each nucleus or about a specific nucleus for one specific issue

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Phytomize produces plant extracts nucleus responding the needs of animal nutrition and health

The assets of Phytomize, partner of the animal sector industries

Grower of plants' extracts
Custom-made botanical formulation
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